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How Does Refinancing Your Car Loan Affect Your Credit?

August 02, 2022

When you apply for a car loan – or refinance a car loan – your credit is of the utmost importance. Alongside other factors, such as your financial circumstances and your employment situation, your credit provides information vital to potential lenders, helping them to determine whether to approve your application – or decline it.

But, while you will need a worthy credit score to get approved for a car loan, what you may not have considered is how making that … Read more

Five Steps To Follow If You Can’t Pay Your Car Loan

June 03, 2022

Whether it’s due to the rising cost of living, or perhaps a major life change such as divorce or job loss, you may find yourself in a position where you are no longer able to afford your car loan repayments. So, what should you do?

Most importantly, don’t bury your head in the sand. It’s unlikely your financial situation will improve as you ignore it. Additionally, if you are failing to pay loan and other credit repayments on time, not … Read more

Is Community Carpooling Right For You?

May 06, 2022

Also known as smart travelling, community carpooling allows people to share a ride with others, which in turn allows them to cut down on travel costs, ease congestion during peak travel times, and help the environment.

Wondering if community carpooling is right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Community Carpooling?

When you carpool, you essentially share a ride with others travelling in the same direction – or to the same destination – as you.

Carpooling may … Read more

How To Save On Your Car Loan As Car Prices Rise

April 29, 2022

Over the past two years, used car prices have surged, with some categories seeing increases of as much as 37%. So, what do you do if you still really need to buy a car, but also want to save money?

While negotiating on the price of the car provides an obvious way to keep your outgoings as low as possible, it’s also worth considering how you could save on your car loan before you buy.

In this post, we’ll look … Read more

Higher Car Prices Cause Loan Terms To Spiral

April 06, 2022

As crazy as it sounds, used car prices in Australia increased by as much as 37% between February 2020 and the end of 2021.

Let’s stop and take that in for a moment.

Thirty-seven per cent.

Say you bought a used car for $30,000 at the start of 2020. If you wanted to pick up a car of the same calibre today, you could expect to pay $10,100 more for it, shelling out as much as $41,100 for the privilege.… Read more