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The Best Car Loan Extras

January 06, 2015

With so many different providers and finance options to consider, choosing a car loan is often as hard as choosing the actual car. While it might seem straightforward at first glance – find a car loan with the best interest rate and apply for it ­– the process of getting the best car finance often means asking a lot more questions.

First, you have to consider what type of car loan to get. Do you need a used car loan, … Read more

The Cost of Driving A Car: Australia Vs. the UK

The cost of driving a car depends on so many factors. First, there’s the vehicle itself, with some designed for fuel efficiency and others designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, or a combination of both.

Then there is the amount you actually drive your car. Some cars make it worthwhile to drive a lot, while others are better value if you only use them every couple of days. After that, you have to consider the cost of things like … Read more

The Coolest Cars From Movies

December 16, 2014

Ever watched a movie and come out of it talking about a particular car that’s featured in it? Sometimes the shiny vehicles used are as memorable as the stars on the screen – or even more memorable if you’re watching movies like the Fast and the Furious.

With some films, the cars are so tied to the story that it’s hard to imagine what they would be like without them. Can you imagine, for example, Back to the Future without … Read more

Most Expensive Countries to Own a Car In

December 14, 2014

Think it’s expensive owning a car in Australia? It can be – especially if your car qualifies for the Luxury Car Tax. But there are other countries where every car is treated like an Australian luxury car – and taxed the same way. There are also countries where car ownership is made artificially expensive in order to limit the amount of vehicles on the road. Here’s an overview of some of the most expensive places to own a car – … Read more

How To Upgrade Your Car When You Still Have A Loan

November 30, 2014

Whether it’s a change in lifestyle, accident damage or a great sales deal, there are times when changing cars is a major priority. But what happens if you want to get a new car when you’re still paying off your old one?

When you first take our a car loan, you sign a legally-binding contract and agree to pay back the full amount, including interest and fees specified in the product disclosure statement. That means you will have to deal … Read more