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Popular Daytrips Outside of Hobart

February 01, 2017

Hobart may be a tourist hotspot in Tasmania, but there is so much more to explore beyond the city limits.

One of the great things about Tasmania is that you can practically drive anywhere in a day. Hobart is on the southeast side of the tiny Australian state, and has all the luxuries you’d expect from a capital city, making it a great place to base yourself while seeing the best of Tassie.

Whether you want some cultural history, beautiful … Read more

Great Daytrips Outside of Sydney

March 16, 2015

Whether it is getting from one side of the city to another or taking a trip outside the city limits, Sydney is a great place to have a car. The city itself is dotted with things to do and see all over the place, while just an hour or two of driving can take you beyond the bustle of city life to stunning country surrounds.

In fact, one of the most exciting things about having a car in Sydney is … Read more

Top destinations you can travel to by car (in Australia)

February 28, 2015

With sweeping red and gold plains, lush green hills and stunning beach vistas, Australia is ideal for driving adventures. The distance between major cities and tourist destinations has also made driving one of the most popular ways to travel – for both visitors and locals.

Around 53 million driving holidays are taken in Australia every year, with Australians choosing to take trips by road 70% of the time. When it comes to international visitors, around a quarter take driving holidays … Read more

The Cost of Driving A Car: Australia Vs. the UK

January 06, 2015

The cost of driving a car depends on so many factors. First, there’s the vehicle itself, with some designed for fuel efficiency and others designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, or a combination of both.

Then there is the amount you actually drive your car. Some cars make it worthwhile to drive a lot, while others are better value if you only use them every couple of days. After that, you have to consider the cost of things like … Read more

The Coolest Cars From Movies

December 16, 2014

Ever watched a movie and come out of it talking about a particular car that’s featured in it? Sometimes the shiny vehicles used are as memorable as the stars on the screen – or even more memorable if you’re watching movies like the Fast and the Furious.

With some films, the cars are so tied to the story that it’s hard to imagine what they would be like without them. Can you imagine, for example, Back to the Future without … Read more

Most Expensive Countries to Own a Car In

December 14, 2014

Think it’s expensive owning a car in Australia? It can be – especially if your car qualifies for the Luxury Car Tax. But there are other countries where every car is treated like an Australian luxury car – and taxed the same way. There are also countries where car ownership is made artificially expensive in order to limit the amount of vehicles on the road. Here’s an overview of some of the most expensive places to own a car – … Read more

Famous People Who Lived In Their Cars Before They Made It

October 26, 2014

Cars are typically used to get us from A to B, but they can mean a lot more to people than that. After all, people are much more likely to own a car before a house (if they ever intend to be a homeowner at all).

A car can also go with you if you decide to make a location or life change, and in some places may actually give you about the same amount of room as a CBD … Read more


10 Cars From Your Childhood You Wish You Could Loan

December 16, 2013

So what do the Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Ferrari have in common?

Well, apart from their price tags and a majority of people’s inability to acquire a car loan for one of these bad boys,  they weren’t anybody’s dream cars as a child.

Car Loan World takes its readers down memory lane to revisits the hunks of metal that stole our imaginative, naïve hearts before we were even familiar with concepts such as pre-approved car loans.

1. Fozzi’s Uncle’s… Read more