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Money3 Car Loans

Money3 is a lender that specialises in offering car loans to those who may have trouble getting approved elsewhere. That means, even if you have been knocked back by other lenders, Money3 may still be able to offer the car financing you need, to get you on the road.

When borrowing money, it’s important to make sure the lender not only offers you a loan that works for you, but that you can trust that lender to provide the service and support you need as you repay your loan. So, who is Money3 exactly?

Money3 has been around since 2000, working as a responsible lender to assist people from different backgrounds to get the financing they need. Today, Money3 offers cash loans and car loans, with 55 branches located throughout Australia.

Interested? Even if you have poor credit history or you’ve had trouble getting approval elsewhere, Money3 could provide a solution that works for you. As a firm believer in the idea that everyone deserves a second chance, Money3 may be well worth a closer look.

Money3 car loans can provide financing for a range of vehicles

Money3 car loans can provide financing for a range of vehicles, whether that’s a car or SUV, a motorbike or a boat. You could borrow up to $35,000, depending on your circumstances, with fast approval letting you know whether or not you are approved for financing.

Are you employed?

If you are working full time, you may still find it difficult to get approved for a car loan. This may be the case if you have a bad credit history. But what does this mean?

Every interaction you have with credit is recorded on your credit file. This can include any credit applications you have made, whether that’s an application for a credit card or loan, a mobile phone contract or a mortgage.

Your credit file may also contain any information regarding defaults, any missed payments, and any bankruptcies you’ve experienced. If you’ve only had good dealings with credit, then your credit file will look pretty rosy.

However, if you have missed payments on your credit card, if you’ve defaulted on your loan, or if you’ve declared bankruptcy, your credit file may look far from appealing. Even if you’ve had credit applications rejected, or you have no credit history at all, this can be a red flag for some lenders.

Why? When a lender receives applications for credit, it will look at each applicant’s credit file to assess their creditworthiness. A good credit history may result in approval, while a bad credit history may result in rejection.

The lender may decide that the loan and the applicant are just too much of a risk. Which is where Money3 comes in.

Money3 will look at the employment status of the applicant, and may be able to approve the loan, even if the applicant has bad credit or defaults, or has been rejected by other lenders.

Are you receiving Centrelink benefits?

Even if you are unemployed, Money3 understands that you may still need a car to get around. If you are receiving Centrelink benefits (not including Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or Austudy), Money3 could provide the finance you need to buy that car.

If you have bad credit or have been rejected by other lenders, check out what Money3 has to offer, and you could get approved for a car loan today.

Tailored Car Loans

Money3 believes in offering customised solutions to your car financing needs. That means Money3 can tailor a loan to suit your requirements, discussing your options to find a repayment schedule and loan that works for you.

To apply, you’ll need 100 points of ID, bank statements from the past 90 days, or if you’re self-employed, you’ll need to provide six months of bank statements and your BAS or tax return.

When comparing car loans from Money3, be sure to use a car loan calculator to assess each loan option’s affordability. Think about whether a fixed rate or variable rate car loan is best for you, while looking at secured and unsecured options.

Always take fees into account, finding out how much you will pay in establishment fees, ongoing service fees and any other fees that may apply. And of course, only sign up for a car loan that you know you can afford to pay back.

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